How to Install Game Guardian & Get It to Work Properly | Android | No Root | Step By Step

Hello friends, I will share how to use Game Guardian without root.

To be able to use Game Guardian without root, we need a virtual application like VirtualXposed, Parallel Space, Dualspace, Go Multiple, Vmos, or X8 Sandbox. Before proceeding, check the version of the Android phone used in this tutorial.

Here, I’m using an Android 11 cellphone. Okay, let’s move on to the tutorial.

First, download the Game Guardian application and the X8 Sandbox application from the description of this tutorial. Then, install all the applications via File Manager or ZArchiver. After installation, there will be 3 applications on your device: 2 GG HW SW applications and 1 X8 Sandbox application.

To avoid detection by the game system, you must reinstall GG. The GG HW and SW applications have the same function, so you are free to use either one. Here, I’m opening the GG SW application.

In GG, there will be a choice of 3 modes. The default mode is recommended for 32-bit and 64-bit games. The 32-bit mode is for 32-bit games, and the 64-bit mode is for 64-bit games. Here, I select the third mode for the 64-bit Mobile Legends game. Wait until Game Guardian finishes preparing the process to reinstall with a random name.

The random names in the Game Guardian application are different, so they are not the same. After successfully reinstalling, there will be 4 Game Guardian applications on your device. Delete the original Game Guardian application or the first installed one, namely HW and SW.

So that the game system is not detected, follow these steps on X8 Sandbox:

If the game display appears in the GG process option, then Game Guardian is successfully running without root.

Maybe that’s all for now, sorry if there are any errors.

See you in the next tutorial.

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