How to Get Free Currencies in Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy offers gems and gold as in-game currencies that allow players to unlock perks, skins, and more. While these are typically obtained through in-app purchases, there’s a way to acquire them for free!

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Using the Trick to Get Free Currencies

We have discovered a method to earn gems and gold without spending real money. This trick leverages certain game mechanics to accumulate these currencies over time.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Watch the video tutorial below to learn the exact steps and strategy:

Video Tutorial

We’ve prepared a video tutorial that demonstrtes some of these methods in action. Watch the video below to learn how to maximize your in-game currency earnings:

Key Points to Remember:

  • Follow the instructions carefully to ensure the trick works effectively.
  • By using this method, you can accumulate gems and gold over time, allowing you to unlock all features and perks in Stick War: Legacy for free.

Remember, gems are crucial for purchasing perks from the Shop, and they also unlock skins after the Endless Deads update.


Now that you know how to get free currencies in Stick War: Legacy, you can enhance your gameplay experience without worrying about spending real money. Watch the tutorial above and start unlocking everything today!

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