How to Get Free Currencies in Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution offers two main currencies: Gold and Gems. Gold is earned through gameplay and missions, while Gems are more rare and can be used to purchase special items and skins.

Ways to Earn Gold:

  • Complete missions and objectives
  • Eat gold-colored prey and entire schools of fish
  • Find gold in moonshine jugs and crates
  • Visit the Daily Reward Chest for consistent gold bonuses

Ways to Earn Gems:

  • Find and eat gemfish, which spawn randomly
  • Awarded for special actions like finding sunken objects and eating difficult prey
  • Visit the Daily Reward Chest for a chance to earn Gems

Optimizing Your Gameplay:

To maximize your currency earnings, focus on completing missions and using Gold Rush effectively. Gold Rush allows your shark to eat without taking damage, which is crucial for gathering large amounts of currency quickly.

Watch the Tutorial Video:

We’ve prepared a video tutorial that demonstrtes some of these methods in action. Watch the video below to learn how to maximize your in-game currency earnings:


Be sure to watch the attached tutorial video above to learn a powerful trick that can help you earn currencies faster in Hungry Shark Evolution.

With these tips and the right strategy, you can unlock everything in the game without spending real money. Enjoy diving into the world of Hungry Shark Evolution!


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