Dragon City Unlimited Money And Gems 2023

Welcome, Dragon City enthusiasts! Are you eager to enhance your dragon-raising adventure without spending a dime on in-game currencies? You’re in for a treat! We’re sharing some expert tips and tricks to help you acquire those coveted resources and unlock everything you desire, all without reaching for your wallet.

Raise Dragons and Build a Thriving City!

Dragon City invites players to nurture dragons and create a vibrant city atop floating islands. Gold, gems, and food are the key to your success. Here’s how to obtain them for free:

  • Participate in League Battles: Engage your dragons in epic battles against other players to earn gems and food. These precious resources will fast-track your progress.
  • Complete Weekly Missions: Dive into the exciting Weekly Missions gamemode, where new levels with unique bosses and units are introduced every Friday. Conquer these challenges to gain significant rewards.
  • Seize Limited-Time Events: Don’t miss out on the chance to participate in limited-time events that offer new and exclusive dragons. Each event has its own set of requirements to test your skills.

Unlock Everything with Gems!

Gems are the heart of Dragon City’s economy. They allow you to unlock various items, including skins, perks, and more. Here’s how to gather gems for free:

  • Win Battles: Participate in battles and earn gems passively as an extra reward.
  • Strategize in Events: Engage with limited-time events to secure gems and accelerate your gameplay.

Watch the Essential Tutorial Video

Unlocking in-game currencies and resources is easier than you think! Our attached tutorial video provides step-by-step guidance on a special trick that guarantees success:

How to apply this Trick:

1) Install ZArchiver from the Playstore.

2) Download the zip file by clicking the Download button below.

3) Open the ZArchiver app.

4) Go to the Download folder.

5) Extract the downloaded zip file by clicking on it and selecting “extract here.” Watch this video to obtain the PASSWORD  Play ▶️

6) Install “Virtual Backup apk” and “Multiple Accounts apk.”

7) Copy the “VirtualBackup” folder by pressing and holding it to get the copy option.

8) Navigate to Device Memory (click on the download located on the left side of the search icon at the top).

9) Paste the copied folder here by clicking on the green symbol at the bottom-right.

10) Close ZArchiver and launch Multiple Accounts.

11) Add “Virtual Backup” and “dragon city” apps within Multiple Accounts.

12) Open the “Virtual Backup” app within Multiple Accounts.

13) Click on the “RESTORE” button and choose the “dragon city” file.

14) Launch “dragon city” from within Multiple Accounts.

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉


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