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If you’re an avid Plants vs Zombies 2 player, you know how valuable in-game currencies like Gems and Gold can be. These resources allow you to unlock various perks and items in the game, enhancing your gaming experience. But what if we told you that you can get these in-game currencies for free? Yes, it’s possible, and we’re here to show you how!

1. Gems – Your Key to Unlocking Perks

Gems are a valuable resource in Plants vs Zombies 2. They can be used to purchase various perks from the in-game shop. Whether it’s boosting your plants’ abilities or acquiring special skins, Gems are essential. So, how can you get them for free?

One effective method is by participating in daily challenges. By completing these challenges, you can earn Gems as rewards. Make it a daily routine to tackle these challenges, and you’ll see your Gem count increase over time.

2. Gold – Building Your Plant Army

Gold is another important in-game currency that allows you to grow and upgrade your plant army. You need Gold to purchase new plants, upgrade their abilities, and progress in the game. To get Gold for free, keep these tips in mind:

– Play levels and defeat zombies: As you progress through the game’s levels, you’ll naturally collect Gold. Make sure to replay levels and aim for higher scores to maximize your Gold earnings.

– Watch ads: In some instances, the game offers you the option to watch ads in exchange for Gold. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your Gold reserves.

3. Unlocking Everything for Free

Now, the most exciting part – how to use these free in-game currencies to unlock everything in Plants vs Zombies 2 without spending a dime. We’ve prepared a video tutorial for you below that reveals a fantastic trick. This method works perfectly, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Video Tutorial

We’ve prepared a video tutorial that demonstrates some of these methods in action. Watch the video below to learn how to maximize your in-game currency earnings:

Open Play Store.

 Install ZArchiver.

Download this zip file. (Scroll down this page you will find ‘SUBSCRIBE TO UNLOCK LINK’ button)

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to unlock the Download button.

Click on ‘Click To Download’ Button.

Download this Zip file.

Open ZArchiver.

Go-to Download Folder.

Extract the downloaded zip file. (Click on Plants-Vs-Zombies-2.zip file & then click on Extract Here Button)

①⓪ Watch this video for password. Play ▶️

①① Copy ‘com.ea.game.pvz2_raw’ Folder. (Press and hold on that folder, you’ll find the copy botton)

①② Go-to Device Memory. (You’ll find this option at the top of the ZArchiver dashboard)

①③ Go-to Android Folder.

①④ Go-to data folder.

①⑤ Paste here. (Just click on the green symbol to paste, you will find it on the bottom-right)

①⑥ Open Plants Vs Zombies 2.

Watch the video, follow the steps, and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking all the in-game content you desire for free.

Enjoy your enhanced Plants vs Zombies 2 gaming experience without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to get the most out of the game without spending real money!

Disclaimer: Please use this method responsibly, and make sure to follow the terms of service of the game. Remember that cheating or exploiting the game can result in negative consequences, including the potential for being banned from the game. Use these tips wisely!


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